Trial Details

Some women are at risk for developing blood clots in their legs or lungs after they deliver a baby (postpartum). You may be approached about the pilot PARTUM trial if you are pregnant or have given birth within 48 hours and have risk factors for blood clots. If you choose to take part, before you leave the hospital you will be given a bottle of the medication (aspirin or placebo), to take home with you. The medication dosage is one pill per day for a total of 6 weeks. 

Participation is simple

One pill per day, either aspirin or placebo

One visit at 6 weeks to answer questions about symptoms of blood clots, bleeding and possible side effects. This visit will take 15 minutes or less and can be completed in person, over the telephone or by a video call based on your preference.

One phone call at 3 months.  This will be a short call to ask about symptoms of blood clots and bleeding. 

 No Injections

No Weekly Appointments

No Blood Work

No Testing

Questions or symptoms?  The research team and doctors are available to you at any point during your participation to answer questions and to discuss symptoms or concerns.