Will I get to choose which medication I take?

No, neither you nor your doctor will know what treatment you receive (double blinded). A computer system is used to randomly put each participant into either the aspirin or placebo group. If an emergency arises and your doctor needs the information, they will be able to know if you have been given aspirin or placebo.

Is the medication safe while breast feeding?

Yes, low-dose aspirin is considered safe while breastfeeding.  Expert guidelines recommend that low doses of aspirin can safely be taken once daily during breastfeeding, but that higher doses of aspirin should be avoided. In this trial, we will be using a low dose of aspirin and recommend taking only one pill of the study medication a day. 

Can I still take anti-inflammatory pain medications, like NSAIDs?

Yes, you can still take NSAIDS if you are taking the study medication. We will ask you to keep track of how much NSAIDS you take in a checklist you are given, regardless of the group you are in. Some common NSAIDS include ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), naproxen (Naprosyn or Aleve) or Celebrex. 

What are the symptoms of blood clots?

Please visit About Blood Clots to learn more. The research team and doctors are available to you at any point during the study to answer your questions and to discuss symptoms or concerns.